Success will come only after work


As I look back on those early days, I suppose that in my youthful mind, I was dimly aware that the quality of my game was going to be forever tied to the elements of sacrifice and personal discipline. Success is closely tied to determination, and that quality is not precisely related to native talent. I was a poor player and slow in attaining my goals, a late maturer that calls it.”   

 ——Ben Hogan

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Not with the hope that you can immediately perform them, but that you will have worthwhile concepts and visualizations that will give you a better understanding of a sound swing. Your body will start to learn and acquire the feel of sound movements only after you start to practice and work. Ben Hogan said, “ Every year we learn a little more about golf. Each chunk of knowledge paves the way to greater knowledge.” 

Too many people seem to think that there is one short step away from “getting it”. “When I get this, I’ll really have it”. Golf magazines and golf instructors intent on tantalizing their readers tend to hype their latest article or theory by suggesting that “if you do this, you are guaranteed that everything else will follow”. Unfortunately, this is never the case. The golf swing, no matter what you may hear or read, is complicated. There is no getting around the difficulty of the game and the techniques required to perform it adequately.

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