Golf needs knowledge, not secrets or tips

Ben Hogan told us:  “ The average golfer’s problem is not so much the lack of ability as it is a lack of knowledge about what he should be doing.

What Mr. Hogan said decades ago is still suitable for the current golf world. If there are scientific training programs for golf swing, the program instructors should focus primarily on helping people understand kinesiology, geometry, mechanics, and how the body moves powerfully and efficiently.

Arnold Palmer, John Daly and Bubba Watson are all major winners, yet their swings could not be more different. The key of finding a perfect swing is to fit you, not to copy. But what components combine to produce perfection? The key is to make sure: the components applying to guide your swing must be correct by Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), not the tips or secrets on the air. 

What you may find, for better or worse, is some originality in the way information is shared with you. Suggestions at here are based on the laws and principles of STEM and the individual body structure. The motions and actions you will be made aware of exist in all sound golf swings should be according to STEM without exception.

We all can recognize that no two players swing the club in exactly the same manner. But a trained observer has learned to separate the personal mannerisms of a golfer from the set motions which are regarded as essential to playing the game. The actions and motions of a swing that are not personal mannerism are found to be common in all sound swings. I hope to give understanding and insight to these actions and motions in common. 

To understand the concepts and apply in practice through the written words is not an easy task for you. But I am confident you will gain approved information that can help in the progress of learning golf swing —— learn in mind first and then train your body on the base of understanding. It has been my research and experience that the approach to learning golf in this book can help golf players at every level.

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