Perfect golf swing

There are many ways we can build a great golf swing according to the experiences of good golf players. Instead of static positions of the body during golf swing,  I think the more important part of golf swing is the dynamic performance of the body, because all body parts together create great forces which produce clubhead speed to hit the ball. 

A perfect golf swing should encompass the following performance metrics:

  • Shot accuracy by controlling body actions.
  • Long distance of the hit ball.
  • Repeatability of the golf swing.
  • Free from injury even if you swing powerfully.

All of these are the purposes we are striking and practicing to get. If the shots miss the direction, the long distance will be worthless; if sometime one perfect shot happened with comfortable feeling but you can not tell how did you act to get it, and you can not repeat this perfect shot, you’re just lucky; if you work so hard and hurt yourself for the long distance, that means you should find a better way to protect your body.          

Even though all these are not technical elements like how to grip or elbow position, all these purposes rely on many technical elements. What all great golfers have in common is the ability to control the body structure and replicate the body motion to create the club head speed to hit the golf ball. —— This is the key purpose of this book.

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