One swing for all golf clubs

Jack Nicklaus:“Play all the different shots in the game of Golf rules allow fourteen different clubs, but fortunately you only have to learn basically one swing. ”   “The only variables are the length of the shaft, a loft of the club, and whether the club face was close to the dress or open a little to produce a draw or fade, otherwise the golf swing was the same throughout all clubs.

Just like riding a bike or driving a car, if you have the driving skill and get the driving licence, you can drive any kind of vehicle: car, van, pickup truck, SUV… from any factories and any models. The point is that you get the feeling of driving the car, it is the same for golf swing: just pull out any club from the club bag and  pre-swing it for a couple of times, and then you can swing it to hit a golf ball.   

Many questions like “should I swing all clubs the same? As in same address, alignment, posture, backswing, downswing, etc” ?  It really depends on what you mean by the “same swing.” For the clubs from short to long, the swing plane should become progressively flatter. Anyone who tries to hit their driver with the same plane as their wedge is going to come to grief. 

This “automatically” adjusts the swing plane for the varying length of the club,  the swing does stay “the same” from club to club, although many things like club length & weight, swing plane and power applied changes. 

In this book, the golf swing is about the basic fundamentals supported by proven scientific principles . These fundamentals are about why and how the body parts act to create effective force and club head velocity, it is doesn’t matter how long or how weight or what material of the club is made, it is matter that how human body to adjust itself and fit the club automatically by focusing on relative methods based of STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

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