Improve golf swing by STEM, NOT by biomechanics ( mainly)

By Newton’s law, any speed is created and added by the force; for golf swing, the speed of the golf club head is created by the centripetal force of circle rotation which is the result of the human body’s movements.

So I want to improve the golf swing levels for many golfers from beginners to pros by explaining the golf swing with STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

I don’t think biomechanics can explain the relations around the club head speed, dynamic body structure and forces in torso and limbs. Because:

1.Biomechanics focus on the biological system, especially the muscles, bones and other micros that are suitable for golf fitness; instead of forces, conservation of momentum and other macros that are needed for golf swing.

2. Good posture is not right positioning, but is actually movement, constant adjustment of balance and the relationships between body skeleton structure and all muscles. Without the movement of liquid in the inner ear, we would not be able to balance. Without constant movement, our brain can make little sense of visual or tactile input, as the brain needs to compare adjoining elements in the environment in order to construct mental images of things.

3. A healthy condition of a resting body can be described as one in which there is constant micro-adjustment. It is possible for best performance, necessary, for this adjustment to continue even in the maximum effort of sport. When posture works unimpeded, effort is distributed reflexively throughout the skeletal/muscular structure ( like a suspension bridge) and we needn’t think about what muscle is doing what.

4 Human body is still mysterious, biomechanics can tell the function of one muscle or one bone, but don’t know how many muscles and bones are involved for a movement like jumping or throwing a ball and how to control the forces in the body mechanics structure of the action.

5.The direction from the brain is the root of the body action. Our body can work together as a whole to follow the direction naturally if we have the physical ability. Instead it is not the right way to order special bones or muscles to act. Other words, if the reasonable action is clear in mind, our body can finish after practice.

I believe the human body is smart enough to complete many amazing movements by practice if our brain can figure out some scientific solution from many aspects and direct the muscles and bones to move naturally.

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