Improve golf swing by STEM, NOT analyzing pro videos

By Newton’s law, any speed is created and added by the force; for golf swing, the speed of the golf club head is created by the centripetal force of circle rotation which is the result of the human body’s movements — these actions are about the body’s structure, mechanics of structure, mechanics of elastic and other technologies….

So I want to improve the golf swing levels for many golfers from beginners to pros by explaining the golf swing with STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). I will not explain golf swing by analyzing pictures and slow motions of pro’s swing, because:

1. The static image can not describe the dynamic movements of the body structure and can not tell what forces within the body cause and control these movements.

2. It is the forces that create the high speed of the club head according to physics and science, not the swing positions even though the postures can help; the bigger forces are in the legs, the core and the torso, not in the arms.

3. Every pro’s swing is different from others because everyone’s body structure is unique and should not copy other one’s swing by pictures and videos; the key is to know how to control the forces by self’s own body.

4. The picture or video is 2-dimension, and can not show body actions of 3-dimension; So we have to analyze a unique person’s golf swing by the proved knowledge instead of restricting golfers by pro’s action.

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