Golf swing can not be simple

The admonition to “keep it simple” is no more than an invitation to frustration and disappointment. Golf is an intricate, challenging sport. Anyone who attempts to teach the game by making it somehow “simple” simply leaves out basic material which is essential if the student is ever to grasp what it takes to be a decent player. 

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And many good golf instructors are accused of being “too complicated” by individuals who either don’t know enough to be more detailed or who are too lazy to try to understand  necessary information and then have given up on before they even get started. Remember,  “one simple move” guarantees nothing. It may give the student a chance to get to the next position, or to make a better motion, but only if the relationship between positions is explained fully.  

The golf swing is a continuous motion wherein every position one passes through either allows for or makes more difficult the next position. In order to get the whole thing to work one must understand why they are trying to do whatever it is they are trying to do, and how that helps the end goal, which is to strike the ball with high speed of club head and control.

Bobby Jones talked about learning golf: “ There is no possibility that a person will have immediate success applying any suggestion which I or anyone else might make. The pupil always expects instant improvement and will not practice patiently when the advice fails to transform him by magic into a successful player. The common tendency, I think, is to discard the suggested alternation after three or four bad holes.

To learn and improve in the game of golf one must first have the proper ideas, or conceptions, regarding the nature of the motion involved. Misconceptions present a huge obstacle in the path of all golfers. The journey to golfing mastery is all about finding the right concepts, then learning to physically execute what those concepts entail. 

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