Club head speed is the most important factor

Jack Nicklaus said :“After all, this —the club head —is what we want to move faster, not everything else. All the other things do is help it to move faster.

By Newton’s law, any speed is created and added by the force; for golf swing, the speed of the golf club head is created by the centripetal force of circle rotation which is the result of the human body’s movements — these actions are about the body’s structure, mechanics of structure, mechanics of elastic and other technologies….   

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Impact is the point at which the ball’s initial velocity is created by the club head’s velocity at impact. So the golf ball doesn’t care about the body pose, it only cares about the speed of the clubhead happening at impact; however the club head velocity relies on a perfect cooperation of a clear mind, the dynamic movements of the human body and the controlling of a golf club.

It is the golf club head with high speed that moves the golf ball, not the angular speed of hips or shoulders. A static swing position itself is an empty promise of a perfect golf swing. But the perfect positions are parts of the body’s motion, and the body motion creates the forces, at meantime the forces create club head velocity which dominates the golf ball launch and performance.

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